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DORA is a remote access platform which is ready to revolutionise your company! reducing its carbon footprint!

Environmental Impact oF papers and printers.

The world consumption of paper has grown 400% in 40 years. Nearly 35% or 4 billion trees cut around the globe are used in paper industries on every continent. Everything you see almost anywhere at anytime comes from paper.

Printers and ink cartridges:

  • Third highest business operating expense
  • One employee can print up to 10,000 sheets a year
  • Costs can be up to a 10% loss of company annual net profits
  • Costing larger companies hundred of thousands a year.
  • Average wind turbine technician employee spends 10% of their day printing paperwork and accessing documents to print paperwork

What we offer the wind industry:

  • WTG and job specific monitoring
  • 5 years or unlimited archive
  • Employee calendar
  • Buildings control
  • Maintenance and inspection control
  • Remedial data and archive
  • Breakdown anaylis archive
  • Company’s stocks
  • Work procedures, protocols and important documents with time and date encryptions all archived for as long as needed
  • Documentation library
  • Operation manager control
  • Full overview of the full wind farms and service centres

All this done by the touch of a button, reliable, effective and efficient.

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