A full range of maintenance, testing and inspection services at competitive prices.

Scheduled maintenance

As most WTGs are designed to last up to and over 25 years, here we believe with the highest standard of preventative maintenance we can maximise the life cycle of the wind turbine, having already completed all major and minor services from 500 hour to end of life.

Choosing us gives you the chance to have highly skilled and authorised service and maintenance technicians(AT) which not only follow specific service and maintenance protocols, we specialise in the attention to detail. Liaising with the client management and team lead roles we can offer our services to pre-diagnose bespoke components which cost you downtime within the farm, always maximising efficiency.

Other Services

  1. End of warranty inspections
  2. Blade repair work
  3. Tower Cleaning and maintenance (internal, external)
  4. Full WTG Bolt torque and tensioning
  5. LV Busbar exchanges and inspection
  6. LV cable testing and inspection
  7. Rotary shaft alignment
  8. Minor component replacement
  9. 500h to end of cycle servicing and maintenance
  10. Blade and bearing seal inspections
  11. Transformer exchanges
  12. Newly build snagging works
  13. Client walkdowns

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